COVID-19 Update


  • Individual Counseling & phone-based Support Groups
  • Safety Planning: Helping think through creative ways to increase safety and stay connected to support during a time of social distancing
  • Vouchers/Gift Cards for groceries, hygiene items, & basic necessities

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Dear Shalom Bayit Community,

While each of us grapples with adjusting to this period of coronavirus-related change, we want to assure you that we are here for you. Shalom Bayit is a crisis organization providing essential, life-saving services. Domestic violence doesn’t stop in a crisis, so neither do we. We want to acknowledge the rising concerns related to the spread of coronavirus and how it’s impacting our community of those who have experienced domestic violence. While staying home is vital for public health in this pandemic, shelter in place and self-quarantines are complicated for those who are already not safe at home.


Some of the challenges survivors of domestic violence may be facing right now include:
  • Escalating stress and tension at home 
  • Increased risk of violence with reduced avenues for escape and support
  • Mental health impact on trauma survivors in a climate of increased fear
  • Increased vulnerability to financial abuse
  • Abusive partners preventing women from obtaining supplies and basic necessities 
  • Isolation: Social distancing can lead to isolation. When victims can’t access friends and community, abusers are able to further control them, leading to increasing psychological and physical abuse.
  • Complications with shared custody and visitation between houses during shelter in place
  • Parental Stress: single parents isolated at home with their children 24/7 with no support
Here is an article with more info on COVID-19 and domestic violence.


So what is Shalom Bayit doing? As an essential service, we are still open and available to those who need our support. We are reaching out to our clients. We are providing client services, with some modification to align with social distancing. We are collecting and distributing grocery cards for emergency food assistance. We are following health department guidelines at our offices to keep everyone safe. While our in-person educational programs are on hold, we hope you’ll join us on social media to get regular updates and to engage in meaningful conversations. If you or someone you know needs our assistance, please call our (866) SHALOM-7 helpline as you always would.


We are here, answering phones live. If we can support you in any way, or if you just want a friendly voice to talk to while stuck at home, call us. We are rising to meet this moment with strength and solidarity.

Toward Strength & Healing,

Naomi Tucker 
Executive Director