Am I Being Abused?

Are you in an Abusive Relationship?
YES…if your dating partner, lover, spouse or ex-spouse has:

  • ­ frequently criticized, shouted, or called you names
  • withheld approval, sex or affection as punishment
  • thrown objects at or near you
  • humiliated you in private or in public
  • been irrationally jealous or harassed you about imagined affairs
  • isolated you from friends or family
  • controlled where you go
  • controlled your money
  • locked you out of the house or in the house
  • abandoned you in strange places
  • ridiculed or insulted your most valued beliefs, your religion, race, class or sexual orientation
  • threatened to commit suicide if you leave
  • threatened to hurt you, your children, relatives or friends, or your pets
  • forced or pressured you to have sex
  • held you against your will or pushed you
  • punched, shoved, slapped, bit, kicked, burned, choked or hit you
  • destroyed personal belongings

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