Shalom Bayit’s “Wish Upon a Star” List

Shalom Bayit assists survivors of domestic abuse. One of the ways we support healing is by providing assistance to those rebuilding their lives, often without the basic financial resources they and their children need… let alone any “luxury” items such as those listed below.

We’re currently searching for the following “Wish Upon a Star” items. 

Used items are more than welcome if they’re in excellent (and working) condition:

  • Smart phones (recent versions such as iPhone 12 or newer)
  • iPads or other devices that can make internet phone calls
  • Laptops with enough memory for 2023 updates
  • Bikes for women and children, various sizes (in excellent condition only)
  • Camping gear
  • A very small microwave (for a tiny kitchen)
  • A washing machine
  • A toaster oven
  • Inline rollerblades, child’s size 3
  • Kid-sized guitar
  • Kindle/e-reader
  • Kitchen-Aid or similar

There is very high demand for GIFT CARDS: Target, grocery, gas stations and prepaid Visa cards.  

Please send gift cards (with your name enclosed so that we can thank you) to:

Shalom Bayit

P.O. Box 2883

Berkeley CA 94702

Lastly, we would appreciate points for stays at Holiday Inn Express for emergency shelter.

Contact us at: (510) 845-7233 or if you have items to donate.

Please share this webpage widely!

Thank you for your generous support.