TODAY IS #GIVINGTUESDAY Why We Support Shalom Bayit






We used to think “We don’t know anyone who’s a victim of domestic violence,” or “domestic violence doesn’t happen in Jewish families.” Sadly, both statements are false. The thing is, for most people who are living with emotionally or physically abusive partners, shame and fear are powerful forces, which keep their dire situations out of public view. And frankly, when we hear that someone we know is in trouble, our first reaction is often disbelief, followed by the paralysis of not knowing what to do, or how to help.

Thankfully, there is Shalom Bayit, a beacon of hope in our Jewish community, shining a light on the subject, and lighting the way out for countless victims of domestic violence. Shalom Bayit is there helping with individual counseling, formulating safety plans, filing restraining orders and more. Their interventions help save the lives of abuse survivors and help break the cycle of violence for children who grow up in abusive environments. They are also out in the community with education programs such as Love Shouldn’t Hurt, giving teens the tools to recognize dating violence and abusive behavior, and teaching skills for building loving, supportive and respectful relationships.

We are making Shalom Bayit one of our top philanthropic priorities because it is an organization that works towards bringing safety and dignity to the homes of fellow Jewish families. Giving is a mitzvah and a responsibility, and our obligation to do “Tikkun Olam” is crystal clear when our generosity can literally help repair the worlds of our brothers and sisters who find themselves physically or emotionally broken. We urge you to join us in supporting Shalom Bayit in the hugely important work they do. Thank you for joining us in saying “we have your back.

Leah & Aaron Lamstein